[pmwiki-users] Default Skin and Responsive Web Design for mobile browsers

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Sun Jun 30 16:19:31 CDT 2013

On 30/06/13 2:12 PM, John Rigdon wrote:
>> A somewhat related question: is there a need for an epubSkin to produce
>> documents suitable for ebook readers?
> I'm working on that issue somewhat myself, and toying with rendering the
> "front end" as PDF as most mobile devices seem to be handling that fairly
> well.
The Cookbook/PublishPDF library uses LaTeX to produce pdf. It has 
evolved over a number of years to become a very flexible way to generate 
pdf books of all shapes and sizes from collections of pmwiki pages. 
However, a css-based pdf engine would in principle be better, now that 
css has expanded to support more page layout options. It's likely that 
epub and pdf will continue to coexist for some time yet.
> I hope for my pages which the reader sees to be fairly complex.
> John Rigdon

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