[pmwiki-users] pagelist: select pages with search string

Lars Eighner surname at larseighner.com
Thu Jun 20 03:34:36 CDT 2013

On Wed, 19 Jun 2013, Mark Lee wrote:

> This is probably obvious but how can I list pages that contain a string?
> For example if a few pages contain the string "hello world", how would I
> list those pages in a table?
> If that is simple, the next level of complexity would be listing pages via
> a regex expression.
> -Mark

The major problem is getting the results into a table as the native format
of pagelist and searchresults

Some examples of table formats are here:


Either pagelist or searchresults can find 'Hello World'; simply added the
quoted string to the directive. Anything not in the form of key=value is
taken to be a string that must be in the page (unless preceded by a -).
Searches are case insensitive.

Unfortunately these are regexs and do not recognize wildcards (wildcards can
be used in some of the paired parameters).  You might need to write/find a
recipe to do that. If you know any php this should not be especially
difficult as page text is (sort of) plain text.

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