[pmwiki-users] Reorganizing our Wiki

Peter Payzant pce at accesswave.ca
Tue Jul 9 11:23:00 CDT 2013

It had to happen - our wiki has grown to the point where it's getting 
difficult to find things, especially for new and casual users. So, I'm 
looking for ideas on how to tame this beast.

We have a few top-level pages which are mostly lists of other pages 
containing the actual details, but unless you know where to look chances 
are you are going to be very frustrated. Clearly, reorganizing these 
top-level pages will be an important process of the cleanup, but I was 
hoping to take advantage of some of the built-in features of PMWiki as 
well, such as categories, groups and page variables.

I have "category" tags (e.g. [-Categories: [[!Board Documents]]-]) on 
many but not all pages, but clicking on the tag just shows a long list 
of page names. Unless one can relate the page content to the page name, 
this isn't very helpful. Casual contributors to the wiki aren't using 
the category tags - it seems that I will have to edit the pages to put 
in useful categories myself.

I have only two groups defined; the second one was just to limit who 
could edit pages in that group.

We aren't using page variables at all.

So, does anybody have any hints on good ways to make the content more 
accessible? I'm sure that my naive approach can be greatly improved. An 
example of a well-designed wiki where casual users can find stuff 
quickly would be great.



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