[pmwiki-users] IPTC attributes in ThumbList

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Jul 8 05:14:56 CDT 2013

Simon writes:
> Thumblist has an add on recipe to extract IPTC metadada
> I've been trying to get this recipe to work.
> But I have yet to get it work.

There was a bug, the recipe cheched if metadata needs to be extracted only  
from the titlefmt= and captionfmt= parameters, and not from the individual  
captions of a thumbgallery. So, you can either upgrade to the latest  
Thumblist version (just released) or add in the titlefmt or captionfmt  
parameters some EXIF variable like ?x_caption or ?M (your individual  
captions will override this one).


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