[pmwiki-users] piwik

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Fri Jul 5 06:01:33 CDT 2013

Tamara Temple wrote:


>Even if you are using something besides Google Analytics, use the recipe
>as a guide to insert the code you need to track web stats the way you
>want to.
>The info on using Piwik javascript tracking in a fashion similar to the
>recipe above is at:

The JS method is very powerful since you get lots of information like
screen resolution, browser plugins, the time when the user leaves the

But if you don't want to rely on JS, you could access the Piwik API
also from within PHP. The API documentation is here:

To track downloads, $EnableDirectDownload should be zero.

OTOH, this method doesn't yield that much more information than
sending the server log files to Piwik.

Or one could add the referrer to the picture tracking URL. Seemingly
we have to cunstruct and send also the URL in this case.

So there is some potential to improve the Piwik integration.


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