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A few ideas.

I guess an easy way to have some uneditable data in a page consists in
including these protected data from a non-editable (but readable) page. One
can automate the import using page footer or page header.

For a basic example, write protected data in a readable, non editable page
named $Name-Protected (for every page names X you like to have protected
date, create a page named X-Protected) ;
then, in page footer, do an include using page name variable :
(:include {$Name}-Protected:)

Then, you may have to force Protected pages to be showed with the page they
belong to (or exclude them from search and pagelists).
This should be done in GroupHeader : test for the name of the page, if it
is a X-Protected one, then redirect silently to the X page (using
substringI guess).

I'm not sure how this would work fine when data protected are categories ;
because, in such a strategy, categories will apply to the X-Protected page,
and not to the X page (and only X-Protected page would be indexed) and
clicking on a category will show a list of X-Protected page (not a list of
X pages).

Another strategy, maybe much better, according to your purpose, would be to
try this recipe. :

Create a special field for categories, and make it protected.
As I don't use it, I don't know how good is this option, sorry. Some people
use it, maybe they will confirm what you can do with it. To my mind, it
looks like the best according to your wish.


2013/1/27 Paolo Z. <paolo81cfm at gmail.com>

> I'm sorry but I can't quite understand I'm searching some info about
> GroupHeader and GroupFooter
> For example let's say that I want to set in a page call "MonumentX"
> different categories (for example History, Dates, Links)that nobody but me
> can modify, what do I have to write to "lock" each categories?
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