[pmwiki-users] Create pages with some content not modifiable&In-Reply-To=<trh7g8pmqg5fuhjeid7u76guiatste54k3%404ax.com>

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Mon Jan 28 10:32:19 CST 2013

"Paolo Z." wrote:

>I'm sorry but I can't quite understand I'm searching some info about
>GroupHeader and GroupFooter

Enter GroupHeader and GroupFooter in the search box at pmwiki.org ->

>For example let's say that I want to set in a page call "MonumentX"
>different categories (for example History, Dates, Links)that nobody
>but me can modify, what do I have to write to "lock" each categories?

In the GroupHeader or GroupFooter page, include content from
{*$FullName}-Protected (just an example, use your own naming scheme).

Create MonumentX-Protected and protect it (attributes).

Maybe simpler than my original suggestion:

Do it vice versa, put the protected content in the "main" page and let
the users edit the included page. This way, you don't need GroupHeader
or GroupFooter, just put an (:include ...:) statement in the protected
page and a link to edit it.

Look at the -talk and the -users pages in the Cookbook group for more
ideas and sample markup.


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