[pmwiki-users] Anchors: No link title / tooltip?

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Sun Jan 27 03:35:47 CST 2013

Petko Yotov wrote:

>> is it true that anchor links can't have a link title resulting in a
>> tooltip?
>Links like [[Page#anchor"tooltip title"|text]] can have tooltip titles.
>Even [[{$Name}#anchor"tooltip title"|text]] for the current page.

this would leave form editing.

I wanted to link to help texts for fields in a large form, and show a
short version of the help with a link title tooltip.

As long as I stay on the side, the form stays filled.

>Links like [[#anchor|text]] cannot.
>> If yes: Is there a reason?
>Probably not. The LinkPage function has a shortcut which deals with anchor  
>links to the same page. This should probably be changed to also accept a  
>tooltip title.

I reformatted the form to show the relevant information permanently,
so I have no urgent need. It's now better than my original idea with
the tooltips.

But if there is no reason against it, and if it's not too much work, I
think it would be nice to have also anchor links to the current page
behaving like other links.

Thanks for your permanent effort to improve PmWiki, Petko!

Oliver Betz, Muenchen (oliverbetz.de)

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