[pmwiki-users] underscores in file names ?

John Foley john.foley at motorola.com
Wed Jan 23 16:12:06 CST 2013

Hi, I just picked up pmwiki a few days ago to see if it might
fit my needs for a wiki "engine" to edit some web-based documentation
(that's already in place). One of the things that the existing
system has in place is a bunch of docs (and a navigation system)
that uses underscores in the file names. Pmwiki does not
seem to like this, however - it keeps removing the underscores.

I did some poking around in the pmwiki.php script and thought I
found where this was happening, but have not been able to change
its behavior. Can anyone tell me if there's a way around this,
and if so, what it might be ?



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