[pmwiki-users] MultiLanguageViews defaults

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Wed Jan 2 05:15:06 CST 2013

I'm implementing MLV on my web-site and having a bit of difficulty with the

(1) It appears that a cookie gets set regardless of whether I've used the
?setlang=xx or not (the only exception is if ?lang=xx is used, but if the
language value comes from ANY other source it gets put in a cookie).  This
means that any past visitor will now have a cookie set and I as an
administrator cannot set the default.
(2) The setting of language by means of $_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE']
once again makes the setting of $MLVDefault pointless.  I'm not familiar
enough with the range of browsers to know if some browsers do NOT set this,
but it appears to me that it is always set.

I am working in an environment where most of my users have 'en' as their
default language in their browsers, but I want to use 'sq' by default.
Unfortunately I had installed MLV for some time before I realized the
problem and now all my users that have visited in that time have cookies
set for 'en' even though they would normally use 'sq'...

Is this behavior intended or worth changing?  (I'm happy to change the
logic of the defaults, but I'm not sure I've got a big enough picture view
of what the intent was...)

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