[pmwiki-users] GroupAttributes for NewGroupBox

michael paulukonis xraysmalevich at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 20:44:08 CST 2013

I'm using NewGroupBox v2008-04-28 (latest) and either I've forgotten some
config that I did, or it's an automatic setting that I can't figure out.


I'm using a simple markup:

(:newgroupbox base=HomePage save=true autogroup=true label="Create a new
department called:" :)

The autogroup consists of a single template -- the HomePage.

GroupAttributes are set, somehow, so that only users belonging to a group
with the same name as the department have read/edit permission.

This is primarily how I want it set up -- but I don't remember configuring
this, and I can't see how to change it.
The GroupAttributes page is created automatically -- there's no template
for it.
And the Templates.HomePage has no attributes set on it (that I can by
opening the page in a text editor).

What I _want_ to do is have the read attribute be the GroupName - {$Group}
- by default, but the edit attribute be GroupNameEdit - {$Group}Edit - by

Can this be done?
If so -- how?

-Michael Paulukonis
<http://goog_2112721603>Interference Patterns (a
@XraysMonaLisa <https://twitter.com/XraysMonaLisa>

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