[pmwiki-users] Anchors in PmForm templates

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Mon Dec 23 06:28:54 CST 2013

When using a pagelist/pmform template, is there any way to insert an anchor link into them?

I have an email form, sometimes it's used on an event registration page so someone can RSVP for the event.  It can be at the bottom of the page -- when the page refreshes after sending, [error] messages are below the fold so people rsvp and the email isn't sent.

I added (:messages:) to the GroupHeader, and I'll CSS it larger, red and bold -- but I'd also like to be able to display an anchor link for the website visitor to jump down to the form rather than scroll down the page to make their corrections.

I can't add a simple anchor link [[#form]] to the template -- that doesn't work.  Is there another way to do it?

If there's no way to do it manually: can there be an automatic anchor added at the beginning of a pmform or pagelist?  It can be with the same name as the template being used...  I use (:pmform mailme:) so couldn't there be an automatic anchor [[#mailme]] at the start of the form?  Either that or fix it so that anchors within the template work without breaking the template....?

Thank you for your time! :)


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