[pmwiki-users] custom parameters in output HTML

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Tue Dec 17 11:24:03 CST 2013

A wikistyle may not be the right way to do this:

Here's what I need in the HTML output for a navigation menu:

<ul class="flexnav" data-breakpoint="800"> <li>...</li> </ul>

Here's the markup I'm trying to use:

*%apply=list class=flexnav db=800%First Menu Item
*Second Menu Item
**Nested Menu Item
*Third Menu Item

Here's the custom php I'm attempting to employ:
$WikiStyleRepl['/\\bdb(=\d+)/'] = 'data-breakpoint$1';

And the output I'm getting:
<ul class="flexnav"><li> <a class="wikilink" href="...

The whole "db" part disappears.


Thanks!  Trying to make a responsive navigation plug-in...


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