[pmwiki-users] syncing pmwiki with local installation (OSX)

Chris Lott chris at chrislott.org
Mon Dec 2 19:09:13 CST 2013

OK, so I would enable the dropbox client on my remote linux server,
presumably with Selective Sync so I only get the folder I need. I'll try

In the meantime, I'm embarrassed to admit I didn't really understand how
Unison worked and have that setup and working...so while I do have to
manually run Unison, I only have to run one quick shell command and the
sync is done.


Very simple, actually, I have my apache server configured so that one of
> the virtual domains is actually defined in one of the directories inside my
> Dropbox. That way any change in one of the wiki files from Apache is
> uploaded in the dropbox and mirrored on the other instances.

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