[pmwiki-users] pdf/jpg/gif rendering

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Aug 19 04:37:11 CDT 2013

Vinod Gupta writes:
>>> I meant site1 is invoking Acroreader to interpret PDF and site2 is  
>>> displaying PDF code. Same thing happening for jpg. gif etc. I think pmwiki  
>>> is not sending MIME type correctly for site2.
> Our both sites have in config.php:
> $EnableDirectDownload = 0;
> Is there any way to print current values of all the variables or other  
> configuration? Comparing the two might give me a clue.

In this case I'd double check if evey *.php files in your pmwiki  
installation, especially the ones in the local and cookbook directories:
1. start with "<?php" as the very first thing on the very first line  
(without the quotes)

2. omit (don't have) "?>" on the very last line: they should NOT have it

3. if you have created or edited some files yourself, make sure your text  
editor does NOT save the files with "Byte order mark" (or mask): these are 3  
invisible bytes at the start of the file, they are not needed and sometimes  
break PHP scripts, especially regarding headers, like in MIME declarations.


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