[pmwiki-users] Markup to show attachment file sizes and modification dates?

Schilke, Karl Karl.Schilke at oregonstate.edu
Thu Aug 15 13:49:23 CDT 2013

Hi, all.

Is there any markup to display the file size and modification date of an attached file from within the text of a PmWiki page, without having to go to the action=upload screen to check?

Such markup would be quite useful for pages which we use to collect files related to our scientific research and publications, as it would let us see at a glance when files were last updated.  I envision the markup working something like this:

        [[Attach:filename.ext | An important file indeed!]]  (last upload: (:filesizedate filename.ext :) )

Which when rendered generates an output something like this (underline = hyperlink):

        _An important file indeed!_  (last upload: 128.35 KB on August 13, 2013, at 01:46 PM)

Could someone please point me towards something like this?


   - karl

Karl F. Schilke, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering
Oregon State University
100A Merryfield Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331-2702
(541)737-7283 (voice)
(541)737-4600 (fax)
karl.schilke at oregonstate.edu<mailto:karl.schilke at oregonstate.edu>

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