[pmwiki-users] cleaning up the wiki (terminology)

5ko at 5ko.fr 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue Aug 13 03:03:54 CDT 2013

michael paulukonis writes:
> What's the difference between "de-sandbox" and "de-spam" ?
> Petko -- you tend to use, although not exclusively, "de-sandbox."
> Both uses seem to refer to revert spammed-pages back to their previous  
> version.

De-sandbox is when I'm fixing something that someone may have broken  
unintentionnaly, while trying the wiki features.

Despam is when it is an edit inserting spam (unrelated external links)  
and/or looks like a "bot" (an automated program making edits on open wikis).

I tend to assume good faith when there is doubt, probably that's why you see  
de-sandbox more often. :-)


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