[pmwiki-users] diamond with question mark, unicode replacement character shows up after upgrade

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Apr 6 03:17:28 CDT 2013

Maria McKinley writes:
> I upgraded from 2.2.48 to 2.2.49 and now I get a unicode replacement  
> character somewhere on every page. This happens whether I use the default  
> pmwiki skin or my normal skin.

Nothing changed between 2.2.48 to 2.2.49 which could have caused this. Did  
you make any other change - installed a recipe, edited config.php, installed  
or removed some fonts on your computer?

Do you see the same character with another browser, and on another computer  
with a different operating system?

> Anyone else seeing this or have an idea about what to do?

I don't see this on pmwiki.org where we also upgraded from 2.2.48 to 2.2.49.  
Can we look at your site?

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