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Re: http://coll-org-source.us/0-one/pmwiki.php?n=Category.PageLoadingSpeed

Hello, all users;

There are two ways to configure the code (from mouseover heading on page);

"If you need to speed a program that only you will be opening, and are using only http page requests, or links, click on the show button, and follow the drop-down box page; skipping the first box intended for those with CGI publications of various sorts. Proceed with the code in the second box.

For all others, including those with publications in Php, Asp, Htm code, or other CGI pages to open from remote locations where www may be included in the hyperlink, use the first Geshi box of code snippets."

When you visited the page, I hadn't configured this particular site for www links; just http, since that was a fast and dirty way to test the code. So sorry; please try again.

As for making the site less secure; that won't happen. The code being used is part of a world-class system (htaccess); compatible with Unix, Php and all major CGI languages. Security will not be an issue using this method.

You are welcome be as sarcastic as you like; this is New Jersey, home of Big-Bad-Guv Chris Christie. 

There was even a big rubout or Mafia bust in "my backyard" yesterday; lot's of abandoned black cars from Philadelphia.  Really, I shouldn't spread rumors, since I don't have any facts. Spaghetti and meatballs, anyone?

prinoer at aol.com

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