[pmwiki-users] styling the a.selflink

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue Sep 18 15:47:15 CDT 2012

Paul Wiegmans writes:
> <a class="selflink" href="/pw/Main/HomePage" style="color:  
> blue">Voorpagina</a>

> Even so the *inline style* style="color: blue" will make the selflink always  
> blue, because the inline style gets precedence.. I searched al the files in  
> my PmWiki-installation directory , but i can't find the definition of this.  
> Where does this come from? Where is the inline style color: blue defined? How  
> do I change this to my need?

In your pages Site.SideBar and Site.NavBar you have a number of
   * (:if group Main:) %blue% (:ifend:) [[Main/HomePage|Voorpagina]]
   * (:if group NonTech:) %blue% (:ifend:) [[NonTech/]]

The %blue% WikiStyle doesn not only wrap the text in a <span> element with  
color:blue style, it also searches for any links inside the span element and  
inserts the color:blue style in them.

So, it appears that PmWiki does exactly what you asked for, but probably not  
what you wanted. :-)

Just remove the "(:if group Main:) %blue% (:ifend:)" things.


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