[pmwiki-users] styling the a.selflink

Paul Wiegmans p.wiegmans at inter.nl.net
Tue Sep 18 12:08:49 CDT 2012

Dear PmWiki users,

I'm  trying to develop a nice skin , but I can't figure out why the link 
to the page itself ("selflink")  always gets a blue color. Even while I 
am defining the style to be red or purple, it is always blue.  See for 
example http://www.sikkepitje.nl/pw/Main/HomePage

Looking in the page source in my browser, the code for the selflink is 

<aclass="selflink"href="/pw/Main/HomePage"style="color: blue">Voorpagina</a>

I am redefining the class to be red like this:

a.selflink {
     color: red;

Even so the *inline style* style="color: blue" will make the selflink 
always blue, because the inline style gets precedence.. I searched al 
the files in my PmWiki-installation directory , but i can't find the 
definition of this. Where does this come from? Where is the inline style 
color: blue defined? How do I change this to my need?

with regards

Paul Wiegmans
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