[pmwiki-users] jquery mobile and skins

Carlos AB cabsec.pmwiki at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 14:44:49 CDT 2012

I'm trying to figure it out, if it is possible to use wiki styles to put
jquery mobile related attributes inside some tags.

Jquery mobile is so cool, but I'll understand if it is not possible, I'm
almost sure it is not completly possible.

I was thinking about using :

 'data-corners' => 'tag1,tag2',
 'data-icon' => 'tag1,tag2,tag3',

But I'm not exactly sure how this would work as my understanding of
"wikistyles.php" stopped in the very first line,more exactly in:

Markup('%%','style','%','return ApplyStyles($x);');

This is comic, but true. :-)

Best regards,


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