[pmwiki-users] Is it possible to get PMWiki to use a database?

Mark Jacobs jacobswell at securespeed.us
Fri Sep 14 06:10:17 CDT 2012

(Sorry for the duplication Vince, I just noticed I didn't send this back to
the mail list)


Thanks for your response Vince,


I'm sorry I should've mentioned it, I'm trying to use AuthUser with a
database.Cookbook Account Management Page version: 2.0.1 using AuthUser
DatabaseStandard and ADOdb. I'm really pretty new  at pmwiki and have been
trying to get it running for my boss who's now asked for author and password
validation coming from his mssql database. So far I've been able to
accommodate his requests but this one has me pretty stuck.


Thanks again.




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What do you want to use the database for?  

If you want to read and  write data to the database, then it is certainly
possible, because I am doing it with (slightly) modified versions of
UpdateForm and  SelectQuery.  If you want to store pages in the database,
then I don't know, but there has been quite a bit of traffic on this list
about it.


Good Luck,


On Sep 13, 2012, at 7:11 PM, Mark Jacobs wrote:

Is it possible to get PMWiki to use a database? I've been trying to get
AuthUserDbase-2.0.1.php working for days and noticed that it's listed in


ADOdb is working great independently from PMWik but after reading through
the three recipe pages that seem to be necessary over and over I'm beginning
to wonder if I should make sure it's possible.


Thanks in advance for any replies,


Mark Jacobs

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