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Re: javascript history button for pmwiki (Hans Bracker)

Thank you very much, Hans! That was great. It works remarkably well within a given wikisite; if only it would work between the wikisite and other documents or wikisites on my server. Even if it can't be made to do so, it is still a great convenience for a number of reasons. It's faster than the browser back button, and should I have a number of pages open, saves looking for the top page to start going back. It also seems to go further back than the IE back button. Thanks again. Hoping that there's some way to expand the history button's reach.  

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Hi John,
try this:
dd to config.php:
 Markup('goback', '>block', '/\\(:goback:\\)/',
 '<form><input type="button" value="Go Back" onclick="history.go(-1)" 
then add your "Go Back" anywhere using this markup directive:

est regards,

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