[pmwiki-users] Invalid Page name when editing Site.SideBar

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Sat Oct 27 18:08:47 CDT 2012

On Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 10:32:40PM +0200, Peter Bowers wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 10:03 PM, Sandy <sandy at onebit.ca> wrote:
> > I added a debug line suggested by another user to show some page variables.
> > That might help someone who knows the guts. I can add another line if that
> > would help. (I don't write PHP, but can recognize a bit from other
> > languages.)
> FYI the debug statement revealed that the "page" being aborted within
> ResolvePageName is "406.SHtml".

I think 406 is the status code used by mod_security when rejecting
pages.  That would imply to me that the page/POST content contains 
something that mod_security doesn't like, causing it to return a 406
HTTP status.  

So, I think something in the webserver configuration is translating that
to be a request for a custom 406.shtml page, then passing _that_ off
to PmWiki (which then complains about it being an invalid pagename).

Try posting the contents of the page to a different (temporary) page
(which should also fail in the same way).  Then you can start removing
content until you find out what mod_security is carping about.


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