[pmwiki-users] New WikiGroups on pmwiki.org [Was: Volunteering for a PITS issue]

shout at joshleepictures.com shout at joshleepictures.com
Mon Oct 8 03:32:35 CDT 2012

On Oct/08, 2012, at 0403 , Tamara Temple wrote:
> Do you bundle the base language field's wiki.d into the other fields'
> WikiLibDirs collection, then? This seems like a rather elegant solution.

yes. $WikiLibDirs has a new pagestore pointing to the base language e. g. 
array( &$WikiDir, new PageStore('$FarmD/_pagestore.d/$FullName') )

and the field’s local/config.php has the localized pagestore, e. g.
$WikiDir = new PageStore('$FarmD/en-US/_pagestore.d/$FullName');

then I have an index.php that reroutes the visitor to his selected language (using $_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE']) if available or the fallback language. in addition I use a .htaccess to rewrite the base language field’s url from http://somesite.com to http://somesite.com/lang, so it matches the other languages.

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