[pmwiki-users] New WikiGroups on pmwiki.org [Was: Volunteering for a PITS issue]

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Oct 6 15:20:13 CDT 2012

Ian MacGregor writes:
> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PITS/01233
> I noticed that there is an open issue regarding:
> "Refactor skins into a separate group"
> I can help move the skins over to a new Group but what needs to be done  
> server-side regarding this? Once that is done I can begin moving the skins  
> and skins gallery related pages over.

Sorry for the delay, thanks for volunteering to do this, and thanks for all  
the work you've already done moving the comments from recipes to talk pages.

I'd like to have some arguments from the community why we should or  
shouldn't have a dedicated Skins/ group.

Thinking more globally, should we do something for the other languages,  
especially, should we have a SkinsFr/ and a CookbookFr/ WikiGroups for the  
French language pages (among 20 languages)?

If so, should we have separate *-Talk and *-Users pages for the other  
language versions? Or we could have a global Talk/ and Users/ wikigroups  
automatically related to all CookbookBg/ and CookbookDe/ pages which are  
just versions of the Cookbook/ page in English. (Moving existing *-Users  
pages to a different group will be done automatically, not manually.)

If we can agree on this, I'll make the necessary changes to the server and  
I can move the current skins to the new Skins/ group automatically, no need  
to do anything manually.


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