[pmwiki-users] A little more concerning Petro's critique...

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Oct 4 03:05:57 CDT 2012

John writes:
> in reality, putting htaccess code such as I have used in each subdirectory
> makes it more reliable, and doesn't hurt anything.

I really don't see how your .htaccess (containing a redirection and an  
AddHandler already defined in the document root) placed in subdirectories  
makes Apache more reliable. Maybe you can explain.

> AddType plus rewrite (not redirect) code, speeds and improves from a point of  
> reliability my page opening to where it is as good, or better than AOL (asp)  
> using Comcast, a well-known internet provider.

>From my knowledge and experience your htaccess files will not be very useful  
for the majority of wikis running on Apache, in terms of speed or  

If it works for you, good for you. :-)

But As Peter suggested, it may be interesting to run some benchmarks and  
compare the two installations. Download in the benchmark a thousand times a  
*.html or a *.js file with and without your .htaccess and see how many  
seconds it takes. Try it with and without the www. subdomain (of course,  
disable caching) and look at the numbers.

> AddHandler slows page-opening, but increases reliability where edit-save, and  
> other operations are concerned.

Once again, I don't see how it increases reliability. Can you explain how  
and why Apache is more reliable this way?

> I have made clear that they should  
> have a zip or tar file of their site ready to inflate and overwrite the  
> broken site, if they don't have a working serverside backup utility.

I very strongly agree.


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