[pmwiki-users] Hi, I've made it a little easier for PmWiki users.

John prinoer at aol.com
Mon Oct 1 09:22:23 CDT 2012

Hi, I've made the big Apache speed-up and reliability fix I hit upon a bit easier for PmWiki users. Here is a link to all the correctly written htaccess files for all the folders of PmWiki; including, the main-name site. I've included Geshi in hopes that I will be able to display some long coding pages, like Search-Replace.


Just download, extract, rename the path to root according to your site, zip and upload. You can extract serverside with this, or any serverside extractor (http://coll-org-source.us/0-one/unzipper-script.html).

Note, that the htaccess files, if existing, will be overwritten. If you have added anything that you want to keep, you must save it before using this convenience.

For those without Apache, it's an easy install with DOS-shell access to the Apache automatic installer. I don't know if manual install is easy, or not. I have it with iPage shared server.

prinoer at aol.com

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