[pmwiki-users] New WikiGroups on pmwiki.org [Was: Volunteering for a PITS issue]

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Nov 3 19:09:08 CDT 2012

Hans Bracker writes:
> In the new skins group all skins appear not
> installed, until I go back to the default skin (?setskin=).
> I would prefer if skins will be shown in the Skins group, even if
> I have choosen a different default skin, as they do in the Cookbook
> group.

Thanks, this should be mostly fixed now.

> > When we fix these pages, we can enable the redirection from the old  
> Cookbook
> > pages, change the links in the sidebar and the Skins group will become
> > public.
> So when is the changeover?

Simon is working hard to review and fix the pages he can, and tells me when  
my review is needed. We are not in a hurry, as the old pages are still  
operational. I guess for another week or so.


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