[pmwiki-users] Enhancing "attach file" upload & general PmWiki security

Eric Forgeot eforgeot at gmail.com
Fri May 4 00:16:08 CDT 2012

> Now I have an excellent AVG antivirus program. Is there a way I could
configure my wiki so that my AVG antivirus program could scan any "attach
file" uploads and anything else directed at my wiki?

I don't think you can make pmwiki communicate with your antivirus like
this. But if you only send image files (jpg, png), music (mp3, midi) or
multimedia things, they can't contain virus, which are generally in .exe,
.bat and other executable files. There could have viruses in html or doc
files (vb scripts). Generally it's possible to right click and scan those
files from the file select tool in windows.

If you have full ssh control on your server (ie it's not only a php/mysql
host), you could install  clamav, which is an anti virus for unix.
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