[pmwiki-users] text and image as link content in same [[ ]]

Jason Counsel jason_counsel at yahoo.ca
Wed Mar 28 14:01:30 CDT 2012

I think this will do what you are looking for:

[[Math2204|Attach:mathgraph.gif"What is the equation of this curve? Find out in Math 2204/2205!"]]

Look at the bottom of this page at the graph: www.laval.k12.nf.ca/pub/index.php?n=Math.HomePage - inside the quotations will become the hover text.  This functionality is built into pmwiki.

Cheers - Jason

> Hi
> I am trying to put some text and an image in the same link markup:
> [[ linktarget | some text goes here http://host/image.ext ]]
> This is necessary in order to trigger the hover state of the text when the
> mouse cursor moves over the image. This also why I cannot use separate link
> markups, e. g. text in another link wikimarkup than the image.
> Can this be achieved using readily available pmwiki markup or do I have do
> define a custom markup for that in config.php?
> Thanks
> Josh 
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