[pmwiki-users] A dummy way to attach images?

Hans Bracker design at softflow.co.uk
Thu Mar 8 05:24:09 CST 2012

I am wondering how to make it dead easy for users who do not want to
be bothered with markup code to get an image into a page.
The syntax Attach:image.jpg proves to be too complex,
and floating it is even worse. Then going through the hoops
of first inserting the markup, then saving the page, then
clicking the Attach:image.jpg link to open the upload form, then
uploading and finally returning to the page view to see the result,
often realising that the uploaded image is far too big, all this is
too much for most non computer savvy users.

I like to hear about suggestions how to make the process easier.
Instead of adding the Attach:..... markup I could introduce a form
based process to create a new page: this would be initially to create
a new personal "profile" page, with info about the new user including,
optionally, a smallish floating image. So it would be based on a page
template, and PTVs will be created to contain the info, besides any
other stuff a user may wish to write. I could use Fox for all this.

But how can I handle automatic resizing of too large images in the
upload process?

And how can including images be made simpler in general, not just
using a custom page creation form?

I'd be thankful about any thoughts on this


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