[pmwiki-users] Problem/bug with PoweerTools pagelist MX

Hans Bracker design at softflow.co.uk
Fri Jun 8 08:45:42 CDT 2012

This came up on the PowerTools Talk page,
and I do not know how to solve it:
When supplying a PTV value which has a space in it, like for instance

notestatus: In progress

and with powertools.php installed using a markup expression like

{(pagelist $:notestatus="In progress")}

the pagelist will not pick up the pages with such PTV values.
OTOH pagelist markup like

(:pagelist $:notestatus="In progress":)

works just fine.

I thought the parameter string from the pagelist expression is just
passed on the same way as with the pagelist directive, but something
is breaking it. Can someone with some knowledge of the pagelist
functions please look into this and shed some light?


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