[pmwiki-users] Changes to markup

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Thu Jun 7 20:10:20 CDT 2012

On 8/06/12 12:29 PM, Ryan Varick wrote:
> Ahh I'm sorry, I mis-typed earlier. I meant to refer to image alt-text 
> using the Attach: syntax:
>      Attach:image.jpg"This feels wrong"
>      [[Page | Attach:image.jpg"This feels wrong too"]]
> Now that I type it out, I see that it might not be easy to allow 
> spaces between the image and the caption. Is there a better way to do 
> this?
If you copy and paste the markup rule for inline images (c. line 300) 
from scripts/stdmarkup.php to local/config.php, you can change

  ... (\"([^\"]*)\")? ...


... (\s*\"([^\"]*)\")? ...

Of course, if you then ever want an image without alt text followed by 
some quoted text, you will have to write

Attach:image.jpg [==]"This is not alt text"


John Rankin

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