[pmwiki-users] figuring out table of contents location

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Sun Jul 29 03:42:13 CDT 2012

> John Rankin <john.rankin at affinity.co.nz> wrote:
>> Try this test: put (:toc-hide:) into one of the pages (ie not in the
>> GroupHeader) and see if the page toc appears in the side bar.
> Yes, when I put it directly into a page, then I get the toc in the
> aside.
Cool! You also wrote:

> In Site.GroupHeader, I have the following:
> (:description {*$:Summary}:)(:toc-hide:)

How do you tell pmwiki to include Site.GroupHeader in
{$Group}.GroupHeader? The pagetoc code needs a way to detect that the page
includes a (:toc-hide:) when it is not part of the page's text. In case
you are wondering, (:toc-hide:) tells the pagetoc code to generate anchors
for (:toc-page:) links to find.

If all else fails, we can do this:

function RemoteTableOfContents($pagename,$ref,$self=0) {
    global $TocHeaderFmt,$RemoteTocFmt;

    global $TrustMeIKnowWhatIAmDoingHonest;
    SDV($TrustMeIKnowWhatIAmDoingHonest, false);

    $oTocHeader = $TocHeaderFmt;
    $TocHeaderFmt = str_replace('$Toc',$ref,$RemoteTocFmt);
    $tocname = MakePageName($pagename,$ref);
    if ($tocname==$pagename && $self==0) return '';

    if ($TrustMeIKnowWhatIAmDoingHonest) $toctext = '(:toc-hide:)'.$toctext;

        $toc = str_replace('[[#',"[[$ref#",
    $TocHeaderFmt = $oTocHeader;
    return $toc;

You could then add the following line to local/config.php:

    $TrustMeIKnowWhatIAmDoingHonest = true;

John Rankin

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