[pmwiki-users] figuring out table of contents location

tamouse mailing lists tamouse.lists at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 11:48:54 CDT 2012

Hi, all,

I have been scratching my head about this, and can't quite figure it out.

I want a table of contents on may pages for the contents of that page.
I've looked at PageTableOfContents, AutoTOC, SlimTableOfContents, and
HandyTableOfContents, and can't quite get what I want.

What I want is for the table of contents for the page to appear in the
side bar rather than in the wikitext area. The only one I could manage
to make do this is HandyToc, but it has the disadvantage (for me) of
requiring javascript.

I tried using the remote toc facility of pagetoc, but it didn't work
as I'd hoped.

Here's a snippet of the template to show what I'm talking about:

<aside id="pagetoc">
<article id="wikitext">

(There's more going on, but that's the essentials.)

With that, Site.PageToc will contain whatever code is needed to
display the page's table of contents.

With pagetoc.php, I tried putting (:toc-hide:) in the GroupHeader, and
(:toc-page {*$FullName} self=1:) in Site.PageToc. No love.

AutoTOC just didn't allow anything to happen, and isn't really what I
want anyway.

SlimTableOfContents didn't really have any options at all.

HandyToc at least puts the ToC where I want it, at the risk of not
being generated when no JS is available.

I've been looking at pagetoc.php to try to figure out what is
happening, but it's a slog. Any help would be appreciated.

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