[pmwiki-users] how to use HTML5

Paul Wiegmans p.wiegmans at inter.nl.net
Sun Jul 1 09:26:17 CDT 2012

Hello there,

Thank you very much to all you guys making PMwiki the wonderfull wiki 
system that it is now!

I am reading a book on HTML5 and I am interested in creating a new skin 
, based on YAML 4 (See http://yaml.de) . As part of that, I would like 
to use HTML5 in the new skin. New tags likes <header>, <footer>, <nav> 
and so on is not difficult and can be easily embedded in the skin 
template, but is there any way to get PMwiki to use the <article> and 
<section> tags in generating page content instead of <p> ? How would I 
do that?

with regards
Paul Wiegmans
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