[pmwiki-users] mySQL backend and sort of an OT

Carlos AB cabsec.pmwiki at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 21:37:02 CST 2012


For a long time I have the dream of putting togheter a site about
music, I have been collecting information and resources for a really
long time and my interest for PmWiki started because of this.

I was trying to find a software that was easy to install and extend,
simple, fast, and that had enough expressed knowledge of what was best
to have a site indexed by search engines and other good practices
while keeping a site on the net and that is how I found PmWiki and

Since then I lost myself a lot, trying to understand everything
related to how to put a site on the net, learning how to customize
webapps for my needs, learning html, css, javascript and php, pmwiki,
learning about computers, internet, google, SEO, SEM and the list goes
on a little bit further.

I have learned a lot with PmWiki, and I believe Pm is an excellent
teacher even when he is not present or even trying.

But I finally understood that you can spend your whole life learning
things about computers, and I decided that it is time to put all the
gathered knowledge I got to good work.

So, getting back to the point, I think it is time for me to put that
site on-line and live my dream :) geeky dream.

I got a collection of more or less 1.800.000 pages of lyrics,
tablatures for different instruments and I plan to have more content.

The content is organized with the artist name as group name, and the
content inside the group are lyrics, tablatures,  videos and pictures
that will have a page per type of content and music title.

I use the standard way of naming Groups and Pages. Is it the best way
of doing it SEO wise? I have read some old posts from the list, but
there is nothing authoritative about that, just some ideas, tests and
a recipe.

I decided to use a wiki, to foster collaboration and participation
from users and my first choice was PmWiki of course, more for tseehe
good I can see in it than for what I can't. The only problem ( the
only one I can  for now) is that with this amount of pages, pagelist
and search won't work properly and speed is compromised.

My question is that if sqlite plugin would take care of this amount of
pages and users? I can't quantify users for now but I plan to have
plenty of those :) .

If sqlite would not take care of this amount of content and a big user base:

* A mysql backend plugin would solve the problems concerning amount of
content, user base and speed? And if it does...
** if there is any chance of having a mysql backend recipe for pmwiki
in the near future?
** if it would be too hard for a noob such as I, to modify sqlite
recipe to be a mysql one? And if it is ...
*** If someone is willing to code it and how much would it cost?

Hi Petko! :)

Even so preferring PmWiki as a wiki solution for my project, I dare to
ask if it is the best choice for it, _with_ the yet non-existant mysql
backend, more for the pretense performance boost provided by it.Please
don't be ofended by the question.

These are my questions, thank you all for the patience and excuse me
for the lenghty intro.



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