[pmwiki-users] how to access configuration variables from skin scripts

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I am currently working on a skin with multiple templates, where most of the content is loaded from page variables (using the functions described in http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/Functions).

1) Basically I have a lot of <!--file:somephp.php--> in my tmpl to fire the scripts that merge the page variables and PTVs with the html/css. The functions described in the link given above work just fine, configuration variables (such as $FarmD, $SkinDirUrl, etc.) however are not accessible. Is there a function readily available to access these variables? My search in the documentation index did not spawn any helpful results so far.

2) The skin template file format states that three directives are REQUIRED in a template (HTMLHeader, PageText, HTMLFooter). In my case that is kind of a limitation as I do not need the output produced by <!--PageText--> in all of the tmpl files. As a dirty workaround I could restructure the site to construct a lot of the layout in PmWiki markup, but this will eventually introduce a lot of redundant code to my site (yes I know, that I could come up with a custom markup to remove the redundancy to a minimum, but this single line of redundancy would remain no matter what). Omitting the PageText special directive results in PmWiki outsmarting me and inserting the PageText content just before the </body> tag. Is there any way to force PmWiki to not output the PageText in certain tmpl’s?


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