[pmwiki-users] new version of foxedit shows start anchor in edit form?

Martin Kerz mkerz at me.com
Sat Feb 25 05:32:10 CST 2012

Dear Hans,

could it be that the latest update of foxedit changed something with edit sections? On my site, the start anchor of the section is now part of the section that can be edited. It worked perfectly before the update. My pages has the following structure:

> (:title {$:SK}-{$:An}:)
>> (:Status:0:)
> (:Prio:0:)
> (:INI:1:)
> (:AA:1:)
> >>an<<
> [[#an]]
> Some text
> [[#anend]]
> >><<

I don't want the users to see the PTVs, so I only allow them to edit the part between [[#an]] and [[#anend]]. I call foxedit using the page action like this:

> http:/mywiki.org/An/Title?action=foxedit&section=%23an

In the textfield of the resulting edit form, the [[#an]] anchor is now visible (and editable). 

> [[#an]]
> Some text

Do you know what might be the reason for this? 

Thanks a lot and again for your help.


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