[pmwiki-users] Edit links don't get resolved properly

5ko at 5ko.fr 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Feb 23 10:11:13 CST 2012

Martin Kerz writes:
> [[{*$FullName}?action=foxedit&section=%23antrag|Edit]]
> results in an anchor that reads
> href="/Group/Page?action=foxedit&section=%23antrag"

It should be something with & and single quotes like:


Otherwise it looks good. You have $EnableLinkPageRelative set to 1.

Note, I don't use Fox and wouldn't know if you have it configured correctly, but  
what you write in the wiki page seems to produce what is expected.

> in the page source. Unfortunately clicking on the link gets me to:
> https://jv2012.amnesty-intern.de/Group/Page#/Group/Page? 
> action=foxedit&section=%23antrag

This is _not_ something done by PmWiki. It is most likely some JavaScript  
that modifies the link in yopur browser when you click on it.

> Perhaps unrelated to the problem, but the edit link is included in a jquery  
> mobile dialog

Why would it be unrelated? If you disable the jquery mobile program files, is  
the problem of changing a link URL still there?


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