[pmwiki-users] adjusting the sublist indentation

Michael Benjamin mikerb at mit.edu
Sun Feb 12 20:32:03 CST 2012

Hi -

I have two questions:

(1) Does anyone know how to ajust the distance indented in a sublist, and 
the padding between the bullets and the text in a sublist?

(2) Does anyone know how to adjust the left/right padding in the sidebar?
This may be particular to the skin I'm using (notsosimple). I seem to have 
a lot of padding to the right in the sidebar.

In pmwiki/pub/skins/notsosimple/notsosimple.css, I already changed the 
padding-right from 10px to 0pix (which helped a bit) as below, but there 
is still a alot of padding. What else is affecting this?

#sidebar {
         float: left;
         width: 195px;
         margin: 0px;
/*      padding-right: 10px; */
         padding-right: 0px;
         border-right: 1px solid #ccc;

Many thanks!!

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