[pmwiki-users] Uploaded files world readable!?

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Mon Dec 31 10:19:27 CST 2012

Petko Yotov wrote:

(BTW sorry to all for my triple posting during the mailing list


>I assume that on some installations, one can have the FTP account, the the  
>PHP CGI/FastCGI process and the HTTP server all 3 different owners, and if  
>the server doesn't have read permissions, visitors will see the error 403  

I know two hosters running Apache under one single account per server,
therefore files processed by Apache need "group" (df.eu) or
"other"(variomedia.de) permissions.


At both hosters, PHP runs under the customers account, therefore only
"owner" permissions are required for everything processed by PHP.


>Patrick, do you think this second argument should be made modifiable by a  
>wiki admin? And should it be 0444 by default or O?

I would appreciate this.

Where I use $EnableDirectDownload=0;, I don't need to add permissions
for group or other.

And we also should think about _removing_ permissions, see below!

>The function fixperms() is only called with a second argument from  
>upload.php. This second argument was added in version 2.0.devel27 (25- 
>> > BTW: There is no "fixperms" for "Mini" thumbnails.
>Both Thumblist and Mini don't use the fixperms() function for the  
>thumbnails. Indeed, since 2006, nobody has told me there was a problem with  
>permissions. But also, both recipes provide a way to remove the thumbnails  
>from within the wiki with ?action=purgethumbs so probably nobody needed  
>this, ever.

There seem to be default permissions for files created by PHP, and
they differ among hosting providers.

I found 0640 and 0664 permissions for Mini thumbs. The latter is
nonsense IMNSHO, I already asked the hosting provider how I can change

Files uploaded by PmWiki got 0664 in all three cases - fixperms adds
unneeded group write (and read) permissions even if PHP runs under the
customers account.

If I understand correctly, other customers on the same server can
therefore not only read files written by PmWiki but also write them if
they can guess the file path.

Oliver Betz, Muenchen (oliverbetz.de)

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