[pmwiki-users] Attack ?

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Fri Dec 14 09:22:53 CST 2012

Drechsel Wolf writes:
> I'd been a happy pmwiki admin for years now. But now: It looks as if my wiki  
> is being attacked:
> With high cpu load on the server, the PmWikiDe.PmWikiDe file has grown to  
> 106 MB, the contents is garbage of spam urls. I installed the most recent  
> pmwiki 2.2.45 a few days ago, but the same happened again.
> I put all permissions to 777 to make the wiki work - that wasnt a good idea?

This looks like ordinary wikispam. If you have an open-for-editing wiki,  
this can happen sometimes. The spam is posted by automated bots, not by  
humans. If you set a password, even if it is displayed in your wiki pages or  
on the login form, the spam will stop. See:
   http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/OpenPass-Talk for something I use.

On pmwiki.org we have some spam filters which block most of the spam, see:

When you enable the passwords/protections, you need to clean the spam from  
your pages. For the documentation like PmWikiDe.PmWikiDe, in general you  
have a clean version in wikilib.d, so you just delete the file from wiki.d  
and the original one will appear automatically.


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