[pmwiki-users] Advertising PmWiki in the HTML header

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Dec 10 14:39:20 CST 2012

Eric Forgeot writes:
> I meant, by default next release of PmWiki should contain a way to lead back  
> to PmWiki website anyone who open a page. For example on  
> http://wiki.slideshowpro.net/ (which looks good), there is no Meta  
> generator, no way to know it was made with PmWiki.

I have created a PITS entry, feel free to vote here:


This one is very easy to implement for different skins, by simply adding a  
new entry in the $HTMLHeaderFmt array.

I think an invisible meta generator tag can in fact help webmasters to find  
PmWiki, and it can help us if we need to debug a remote site.

OTOH, I am opposed to forced links, buttons or other advertizing. Since the  
beginning, people have told me they use PmWiki because PmWiki sites didn't  
look like the sites by other wiki engines (notably Dokuwiki and Mediawiki)  
but look like professional websites. Any admin who wants to put a link to  
PmWiki can do it, but they have to opt-in rather than opt-out.


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