[pmwiki-users] Something (possibly the sqlite recipe) seems to have trouble with UTF-8 in wikilinks

Alex Eftimiades alexeftimiades at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 11:47:04 CDT 2012

The first includes of my config.php is:

$DefaultPageCharset = array(''=>'ISO-8859-9',  

$WikiDir = new PageStoreSQLite($WorkDir.'/pmwiki.sqlite.db', 1);
$WikiLibDirs = array(
//  ,new PageStore('wiki.d/{$FullName}'),
//  new PageStore('$FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}')

The page here: http://icare.org/wiki/index.php/Researchers/SelimKu%C3%A7i 
  comes up perfectly. It gets listed nicely from a pagelist over here: http://icare.org/wiki/index.php/Researchers/Researchers 
  (see #71-the link to Selim Kuçi.) However, when you click the link,  
it takes you to to a blank page with ç replaced with �.
You will need to login with uersname: demo password: demo to see the  

Does anyone know what the cause of this could be? I am out of ideas at  
the moment.

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