[pmwiki-users] possible to generate a p or div tag within li with standard markup

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Fri Aug 10 18:06:04 CDT 2012

In order to do some fancy css stuff without having to traverse the DOM with jQuery I would like to generate an <div></div> within a <li> by using standard markup.

My preferred syntax would be something like this:
* Attach:someImage.jpg \\
(:div class="fancyTitleBox":)e. g. title of the picture(:divend:)

Of course this does not work (because (:div:) has to be on the beginning of a line which previous line is not ended by \\). so far the only thing I can generate with standard markup is a span, which is very restricted in terms of CSS.  Span:
* Attach:someImage.jpg \\
%%fancyTitleBox%%e. g. title of the picture%%

Yes I do now, that I could create custom markup and a lot of other workarounds (jQuery hacking for once) to accomplish the same thing.

Thanks for any thoughts on this, even if it’s just a simple confirmation, that this is not possible with PmWiki standard markup.

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