[pmwiki-users] Unable to view php errors?

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Aug 9 01:19:38 CDT 2012

> I am maintaining a wiki set up prior to my involvement. We have been
> dogged with errors associated with encoding changes. we are now upgraded
> to 2.2.40, but when we use the action=history link, it is only returning
> a blank page. My best efforts at looking for errors appear to be undone
> by an almost complete lack of php errors being reported (I suspect due to
> lots of @) so I'm at a loss as to where to even start! How can I get more
> error logging?
> FWIW I've also upgraded to pagerevinline, which seems to be working if I
> call the page diff, but not if I call it history… am I doing something
> wrong there?

If you use PHP 5.4, an important change is with the function  
htmlspecialchars() which is widely used: it now (1) it now assumes the  
encoding is UTF-8, while before iso8859-1 was default, and (2) if the  
encoding is not UTF-8, it requires an argument with the correct character  
encoding, otherwise it returns an empty string. This means that blank pages  
or sections may appear more often than before, if the recipes are not  
updated. A recommended way to update the recipes is outlined here:  

  http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PITS/01292 .

What is your PHP version?

Now about ?action=history and pagerevinline.

1. You may know that the ?action=diff output produced by PmWiki (without the  
recipe InlineDiff) currently displays highlighted inline diffs, although a  
little different than those of the recipe. When you go to ?action=diff, do  
you see the core PmWiki history or the one produced by the recipe?

2. How is your ?action=history recipe installed in config.php? By default,  
PmWiki expects a 'diff' action and to change it to 'history', something else  
should be added to the config files.

3. The Text_Diff library included in the pagerevinline recipe would be very  
difficult to adapt to use both in PHP5 and in PHP4. Currently, it is  
designed to work with PHP4 and some versions of PHP5 still accept it, but  
newer versions don't. I don't know how to fix this, except creating and  
maintaining two versions of the recipe. If this is the problem, you may try  
to contact the maintainer of the recipe directly at the talk page or via  
email (he may be unsubscribed to the mailing list).

If you can give more information that would allow us to experience the bug  
repeatedly on our installations, it may be easier to fix it.


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