[pmwiki-users] AsSpaced PTV (definition list)

Mark Stephen Barralet M.Barralet at adfa.edu.au
Wed Aug 8 20:21:14 CDT 2012

I want to display the Name part of a PTV as spaced. eg:
:MyVarOne:This is my first PTV

should display as:
My Var One
	This is my first PTV

I think this should be possible with markup(). Am I looking in the right direction or is this a non-trivial mod?  I am only just starting to understand how markup() works, and I am new to PHP and HTML.

>Dear Mark
>As far as I know PTVs do allow spaces, e. g. (:somePTV: a string with spaces:). Or are you referring to >PTV names?
>On Jul/30, 2012, at 0846 , Mark Stephen Barralet wrote:
>> As PTVs do not allow spaces I would like to format the output 'Name' of definition list ( <dt>Name</dt> ) with the AsSpaced() function or other method.

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